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Home Staging And The ‘Wow Factor’ in Real Estate

At Markham Stagers, the ‘wow factor’ is in our DNA. For our latest Home Staging project – a property located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter – we’ve added the ‘wow’ through our extensive use of colour.

The property is a 1-bedroom 55m2 apartment with ensuite bathroom, located in a completely renovated building in Barcelona’s historic centre.

How to bring the extra dose of ‘wow factor’ in such a small space? For the creative team at Markham Stagers it was crystal clear: play it out in colour.

Colorful Home Staging in Barcelona

The beautiful tones found in some of the recuperated ceramic tiles that were incorporated into the floorings of the property were used as inspiration when choosing the accessories for this Home Staging.

With warm colours such orange, gold and red, we created multiple accents in different zones of the apartment. These tones helped to make the property feel homey and warm while also providing a boldness that will leave a lasting impression and generate that ‘wow factor’ in buyers.

In the open-plan kitchen, we used an extendable wood table with chairs that combined black and mustard colours. For the living area, we designed a custom sofa bed in a mid-grey that we combined with accessories using our original palette.

A standing lamp with an intense red shade, a set of round nesting tables in copper and an accent chair in orange velvet are a clear tribute to colour.

In the master bedroom, we broke the masculinity of the grey headboard by combining it with different tones of orange found in the rug and the corner armchair. The pillows and throw by the bed unify the theme, giving an all-encompassing feeling of comfort and warmth to the entire room.

Property Styling with Big ROI

At Markham Stagers we provide Home Staging services like this one for all sorts of clients. The majority of them are in luxury properties for sale in Barcelona or the Costa Brava or in show homes for new developments.

In this case, the project was for an international homebuyer who recently bought this property as an investment. This type of client asks us to furnish the entire rental property, quite often located in big cities such Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia.

Working with a Home Stager to furnish these properties is much faster and affordable than hiring an interior designer. Besides, Home Stagers are more accustomed to projects with tight budgets and work their magic with their extensive resources.

Another advantage is to look at a property from a commercial standpoint. Home Stagers are able to see properties as products and use their creativity without missing the biggest return on investment for their clients. As a result, they obtain impeccable listings intentionally prepared to attract a homebuyer or tenant in a very short period of time.

All this aesthetic work and preparation of the property must be completed with a professional photo shoot session in order to capture the entire ‘wow factor’ that the stager has created for the property. Without a doubt, pictures of a professionally staged property will attract more buyers when they show on any real estate ad.

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Gothic Quarter, Barcelona