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Luxury Home Staging in Sitges

This is a very special Home Staging project that the Markham Stagers Team developed in a luxury property in Sitges. It’s a newly constructed house located in Can Girona, just on the side of Terramar Golf Club.

Sitges is a coastal town only 40 km south of Barcelona. This little village is known for its rich artistic and historic past, its great quality of life, magnificent climate with an average of 300 days of sun per year and its very open-minded and tolerant inhabitants.

An Avant-Garde Design House

Selling a designer home like this is not an easy task. The type of buyer that can afford a property like this is limited to a few – not only because of its price tag, but also for its daring and singular design.

This is a transgressive house made with irregular lines, designed with all sorts of technologically-integrated details designed for comfortable modern living.

The house is built on a steep terrain that hosts a main 3-storey body with an inclined garden on its sides. On the floor plan lies a large 4-car garage, a laundry room and a mechanical room. On the first floor, we find the day area with an open living room and dining room, the kitchen, one bedroom with ensuite bathroom, a powder room and two terraces. On the upper level, there are 3 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

At the back of the house, on the upper part of the terrain, we find the swimming pool with a solarium and changing rooms. And the absolutely sublime detail: the bottom of the swimming pool is visible from inside the house through a glass window open to the living room.

Marketing to Sell Unique Luxury Properties

Markham Stagers’ specialty are luxury properties. What makes us different from other stagers is the ability to prepare houses for the market with a unique approach with an outstanding outcome. These results come from using the highest standards in Home Staging and custom-marketing ideas for each property.

To sell this property in Sitges it was necessary to design a marketing campaign with several factors in mind: the original design of the house, the ideal target buyer, the location and some sensitivity.

Can a house be emotional? How does one make a white cube speak to a home buyer? Can properties generate desire in a buyer? At Markham Stagers we strongly believe that they can. In fact we’ve given this feeling a name: live-appeal. That special feeling that makes someone want to live in a certain house rather than in another.

To achieve such effect, we looked for inspiration in space treatment in museums and art galleries. We treated this house as a work of art in itself, maximising its exquisite design as a precious singularity.


The concept that we created for this property takes the design of this building to its maximum expression.

We have chosen furniture pieces that are iconic classics of design. They are classic masterpieces today, but in the past they were once avant-garde and ahead of their time themselves.

To soften the spaces and the irregular lines of the grand white cube, we chose warmer tones such as sand and orange. This helps to break the light, monochromatic palette of the space.


Light is another important element that the architect Ferran Grau took good care of in his design for this house.

A well thought through treatment allows the natural light to come into the space abundantly. Because of this, we dedicated a full day photoshoot session to capture all sorts of interesting shadows and effects at different hours of the day.

With the outcome of all this work of staging and image, this house is now fully ready and set for a successful sale. Let the showings begin.

Welcome to Advanced Home Staging | Markham Stagers

Home Staging and Styling with furniture and décor by Markham Stagers.
Photography: Murmur.cat

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