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Luxury Home Staging in Barcelona

This project by Markham Stagers is a great example of what luxury home staging is truly about.

This fully renovated 220 m2 apartment on Barcelona’s Rambla Catalunya wasn’t connecting to any buyer. The photos of the listing showed an almost empty property with nothing interesting to offer or worth going to see.

Fortunately for the owner, the real estate agency decided to recommend Home Staging as a way to revert this situation. This is when Markham Stagers came in to analyse the space and propose solutions to make this property shine and sell fast.

The tall storey property had been fully renovated for modern living. It was a massive apartment with 3 very spacious bedrooms and loads of natural light. The owner’s thoughts were: The location is in the hottest spot of Barcelona…So what’s wrong? Why don’t we have many showings?

To us, it was clear from the very first minute that Home Staging was going to be the solution to attract more visitors and potential buyers to this amazing property.

How to Present a Luxury Property to the Market

At Markham Stagers we strongly believe that the essence of Home Staging is communication. This marketing technique, specifically created for the real estate business, prepares properties so that they speak and connect to a home buyer from the very first moment.

With our initial Home Staging Consultation, we encountered several problems that were causing the rejection from the market:

1- The lack of personality of the property, a must nowadays to connect to homebuyers.
2- The strong impression that the property had a lot of unused, dead space.
3- Poor quality furnishings on basic amenities for such a luxury listing.

Markham Stagers designed a Home Staging proposal that turned all of these flaws and red flags in a buyer’s mind into strong selling points that the real estate agent could use.

Home Staging to Make a Property More Sellable

A big part of what a good Home Staging company deals with is avoiding the situation of a potential buyer thinking: –This property is not worth what they are asking for–

The detection of flaws and problematic issues of a property have to be tackled and solved properly and this is where the knowledge and expertise of a Home Stager comes in.

In this massive apartment in Barcelona, one of the first things to handle was the first impression. Even when first entering the property, a lot of empty space was immediately visible, due to the open concept kitchen, dining and living area.

Markham Stagers created specific areas for the living room and dining room, with design furniture and decor that made the space more appealing. All the furniture was placed in a certain way that maintained the spacious feeling, and at the same time allowed for a pleasant journey through the space during showings.

The main walls were also treated with appropriately sized artwork and other elements that –together with the furniture and accessories – made the property more welcoming and inviting.

How We Solved the Dead Spaces Problem:

Dead spaces are a quite common problem in luxury properties with big proportions. The mindset of a home buyer is very focused on the price of a square meter. Showing many lost meters makes the value perception of the property drop immediately, so this was something that our staging had to fix right away.

Markham Stagers solved the problem by giving a specific use to all of those potentially lost spaces. One good example is the space between the day and night areas of the property.

We designed a convenient workspace by producing an original suspended long desk in walnut wood.

A similar problem was in the bedrooms. Each of them had an area for a walk-in closet but the closets weren’t built. Markham Stagers designed tailored closets for all the rooms, turning the problem into a very strong selling point: now the property had great storage capacity.


This project shows very clearly that Home Staging goes way beyond placing furniture in vacant properties. The value of all this work is indisputable and can really make a difference in a property-selling process.

Luxury properties have many specific particularities which requires them to be staged in the right way. Room proportion, furniture scale, quantity and quality of the furniture and decor items to use, existing items to remove, fix or hide, staff needed per property… These are only a few of the things to be considered.

Appealing to a luxury buyer is much different than appealing a lower price range buyer, and requires specific knowledge. Luxury means exclusivity, high quality, great design, uniqueness, perfection,… If we want to connect with all of these high standards, we have to correspond by speaking the same language, because that is what will make the connection possible.

Sometimes though, luxury is not only about using exclusive furnishings or having the latest generation elements. As this project by Markham Stagers shows, luxury Home Staging is also the comfort of being able to move into your new purchased house, or the convenience of not having to deal with the hassle of finding a good carpenter to build the missing closets for your new home.

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