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  • Antes Home Staging Markham Stagers

Home Staging in Castelldefels Playa

Castelldefels has become a sought after residential area in these pandemic days that we live in. This town located by the sea, and only 15 minutes drive from Barcelona, has become popular for home buyers that look for a more casual and relaxed environment out of the capital but still appreciate having all commodities and leisure attractions nearby.

Markham Stagers team has undertaken a total Home Staging transformation in this empty beautiful townhouse located in a private community just 100 meters from the beach of Castelldefels.

A Well-Prepared House Ready for Sale

Las Empty properties are more difficult to sell, that’s a proven fact. Besides that, they tend to spend more time on the market –which is unnecessary thanks to Home Staging– risking getting trapped in a price reduction spiral that leads to a stagnant property and to stress and frustration for the seller. This is something that our client wanted to avoid at all times.

It was clear: avoid a long and tedious sale and the risk of losing too much time and money. Here is where the solution of using Home Staging was evident. The idea was to create a very attractive property able to generate interest and get the buyer’s attention, and defend the asking price with more confidence.

With a well planned marketing strategy and a well thought Home Staging, we could obtain a more marketable product to appeal to today’s buyers.

Creating the Best Version of your Listing

A professional Home Staging team is able to turn a mediocre space into a very desirable property to buy.

In this house in Castelldefels, Markham Stagers reinvented some spaces in order to infuse all the importance they deserve to expose its qualities. This is the case of the beautiful attic on the top floor that with tall wooden inclined ceilings and its full bathroom, reinterpreted as an elegant and spacious master suite.

The initial ad listing showed a big empty space that wasn’t demonstrating its full potential. It was advertised as a “multi-function space” and that wasn’t appealing to any buyers. Quite the opposite; it made the listing be rather boring and was totally ignored.

Thanks to the staging, the space changed radically and the attic became one of the main attractions of the property making it very interesting and unique since this style is not easy to find in a property by the beach.

Another example of improving the space was the living-dinning room with an access to the patio. Before Markham Stager’s intervention, the owner had invested in demolishing a wall and replacing the wooden floors, but that investment alone wasn’t giving the expected results since the empty space didn’t add any value to the buyer.

With our furniture styling and decor, we achieved a much more appealing space that creates excitement from the moment you pass through the door. The styling job went further and extended to the patio as we set up a nice outdoors dining area and covered the wooden pergola with an attractive covering.

Finally, we used a professional photographer to shoot the entire space leaving the property fully ready for the market and for proper advertisement.

The result of all this investment in Home Staging is a property that is now ready to sell quickly and for the best price. The constant phone ringing since we finished is our proof, and we hope there’s a big SOLD sign by the door very soon.

Home Staging, furniture, decor and accessories, styling and photography by Markham Stagers.

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