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  • Home Staging Barcelona
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  • home staging barcelona
  • Home Staging Barcelona

Property Styling in Barcelona

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This is how Markham Stagers Barcelona transformed a flat in Gracia in a very profitable rental property for his owner.

Some small renovation work, updates on the furnishings and a little TLC allowed this apartment becoming a very attractive and impeccable listing. Only a few days later the property was under contract with a final price rent 25% higher than before the Home Staging transformation.

Home Staging To Sell or Rent Properties Faster

A lot of homeowners wish to sell or rent their properties. Not many know though that with a little investment in Home Staging, they can really push its value up.

In this apartment in Barcelona, the owner invested in the renovation of the kitchen and the bathroom, two of the most perceived value rooms in a house for home buyers and tenants.

A new coat of paint was also applied and finally, Markham Stagers’ team selected and purchased some new furniture pieces to give this property a complete new look.

The last step was a professional photo shoot session to showcase all this great work and with it the property was finally ready to be presented to the market.

The final result was a triple success: A very fast tenant signed for a higher price than anticipated before the staging; also, the owner had the chance to pick the person that was going to live in his apartment, and last but not least, people searching homes online enjoyed and celebrated seeing such a nice listing displayed on real estate websites.

Markham Stagers, Home Staging, Property Styling and Marketing for Real Estate in Barcelona, Girona and the Costa Brava. Welcome to Advanced Home Staging.


“I wanted to rent my apartment in Gracia as for professional reasons I had to move to live in another country. I did not know where to start or how to do it but I hired the services of  Markham Stagers Home Staging and the result was spectacular. They are definitely skilled in their technique, the proposed ideas and finishes were very effective and really achieved the desired objective. A few hours after uploading the pictures of the property, I already had more than ten interested parties who wanted to see the property. In part it gives me some grief that I have to leave and will not be able to enjoy it.”

–Jordi, happy client and from now on a Markham Stagers lover

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