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Home Staging for Luxury Real Estate in Barcelona and the Costa Brava

This is the final result of a complete Home Staging service, fully designed to achieve a quick closing of a high-end property in Barcelona.

This time, our team was dealing with a luxury top floor duplex of 250 m2, with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 big private terraces in a completely renovated building located in the district of Eixample in Barcelona.

The renovation of the apartment resulted in a white and empty canvas, unattractive to home buyers and too cold to inspire any strong desires to purchase the property.

Markham Stagers: Styling Luxury Real Estate in Barcelona

Markham Stagers’ intervention consisted on giving soul to the property by incorporating modern furniture and design elements as well as integrating a new palette and textures to soften the original cold and lifelessness feeling of the space.

Some elements in particular were chosen intentionally to capture every visitor’s attention from the very first minute: the impressive chandelier in one of the bedrooms and the large natural cow rug give the property a sophisticated, modern and very appealing flair.

The final outcome is a welcoming, market-ready property that the discerning and cosmopolitan home buyer can connect to.

Furniture, home décor and property styling by Markham Stagers.

Are your Luxury Listings in Barcelona and the Costa Brava connecting to home buyers? Use Home Staging to sell properties faster.


Eixample, Barcelona