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Home Staging After Home Renovations

This property in Barcelona was renovated with the idea of selling it to make profit. Markham Stagers addressed some of the owners mistakes as the apartment was released on the market without a previous preparation.

Our intervention turned a dull flat with no charm into an attractive and appealing penthouse with private terrace in the heart of Barcelona.

Investing in Home Staging allowed the owner to sell this apartment in only 3 weeks and for 22% more than the original listed price.

Home Staging Tips to prepare a house for the Market

The Scandinavian style works really well to achieve most of the Home Staging principals. It’s a very sleek style, with light and bright palettes that nowadays is very on vogue in most parts of the world.

In this décor style order, clean spaces and light are the main aspects. Those are also the crucial aspects that a property needs when it goes for sale on the market. When home buyers step into a house that is clean and well organised it gives them an instant good vibe to keep considering it as a true candidate.

Home Stagers are the professionals that help real estate agents and homeowners to take care of all these aspects and do all this work in advance. Home Staging has demonstrated for years to be crucial and an important part of a good home selling experience.


In this apartment, Markham Stagers took special care of the terrace which originally was in an abandoned estate. We convinced the owner to invest in Home Staging for the terrace as properties with outdoors spaces in the city are very well valued by home buyers.
All viewings in the staged property started and ended in the terrace.

Contact Markham Stagers Barcelona Costa Brava if you need help or advise to make your listing the best on the market.

Welcome to Advanced Home Staging. Markham Stagers.


Tel: 611 415 417


“From the first minute Markham Stagers team could see that the terrace was the most valuable element of the house, and exactly the space that was the most neglected. They are true professionals who can see your home as a product in order to develop the best possible sales strategy. Almost all home visits began and ended on the terrace.”

–Stewart, ex-homeowner