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Home Staging for a Property in Pedralbes

This project is the consequence of a collaboration between Markham Stagers and a real estate agent who had no doubt that staging this property could help his client to sell it better.

This ground floor duplex apartment in Pedralbes, the so-called upper side of Barcelona, was completely renovated but was advertised completely empty and with no charm. Thanks to an impeccable staging in all its rooms and outdoors spaces, we have achieved a more attractive and elegant product that is more appropriate to the status and lifestyle of the buyers in this area.

Dress up a Luxury Property for Sale

Dressing up a home for sale is very different than decorating a home to live in it. Home Staging is a marketing technique specifically designed to speed up a real estate transaction. It uses home décor and design to make a property look its best to attract more home-buyers.

When a property is well dressed and presented correctly by professional stagers, like in this case in Pedralbes, the agent can work out a much efficient sale. Agents have a better listing  now that has become a desired product which is  easier to sell.

Home Staging: More Opportunities to Sell

At Markham Stagers we are specialists in generating what we call ‘live-appeal’, which is that special feeling that makes a property more appealing to buyers, and makes them want to live in it right away.

Professional Home Staging must be seen as the most profitable return on investment when marketing a property for sale. The effort in preparing and presenting a property well comes with a prize: selling for top price and faster.

For the moment, we know that thanks to our Home Staging project, the real estate agency was able to host a very elegant and convincing Open House for their potential buyers and collaborators. We hope that they put up a Sold sign very soon.

¿Your property is on the market and you are not having showings? If you need more information about our Home Staging services to sell your property in Barcelona, Maresme or the Costa Brava, please contact our creative team at contact@markhamstagers.com or ask for an estimate here..

Home Staging, furniture, home décor accessories and styling provided by Markham Stagers.

Photography: Sotheby’s International Realty.

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