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  • Home Staging alto standing Barcelona
  • home staging barcelona
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Home Staging in Barcelona: The Best Ally To Sell A House

When planning to sell a house there are two crucial steps that can make a home selling experience to be a pleasant and quick journey or a real nightmare.

These steps are related to choosing the best allies that work hand in hand to achieve the best closing for their client. And that means having at your side those who will be working hard to find in the shortest time a home buyer that is willing to pay for the top price of the seller.

This perfect alliance is forged by two independent professionals that know how to work well together: The Home Stager and the Estate Agent. Let’s talk a bit more about the first one, the home stager.

Pick A Good Home Staging Company

Our client in this case was a private seller. His initial idea was to sell his apartment in the Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona to buy another property out of the city center.

The home owner had heart about the Home Staging technique before. He consulted with some companies in Barcelona, but the fact that they used cardboard furniture in their stagings was something odd that he was not convinced of to sell his apartment.

In our opinion, using this type of furniture in a property that is selling for over 500 thousand Euros is not ideal. As a luxury specialised Home Staging company, we believe that Home Staging is a communication tool that is used in real estate to talk to a buyer. If the language used to talk to a luxury buyer is low cost, the conversation simply won’t work and the chemistry between them just won’t happen.

For our client in Barcelona, to discover that Markham Stagers was able to provide Home Staging services with real design furniture in all their stagings was a great advantage.

The first thing that Markham Stagers’ team did was visit the property for a deep study. After this private visit and the analysis of the product, the strategy to implement was clear and settled.

What Is The Home Stager’s Work About?

The apartment was partly furnished but it needed some expert hands and fresh eyes to obtain a more attractive listing able to seduce today’s home buyers.

We had to create a new listing that could stand out from the rest in the real estate websites and that could attract buyers with serious offers in a short period of time.

For that reason, Markham Stagers’ team depersonalised the entire property. Personal decor objects were hidden from the sight. Spaces were cleared out and some dated furniture was removed and substituted by new furniture pieces with a more refined and new trend look.

Last but not least, there was a fully professional photo shoot session throughout the property.

Proven Results Of Home Staging

All this work of preparing a house for the market has immens multiple benefits that not many home sellers know of when they decide to put their properties on the market. This preparation with Home Staging is what makes a home sell successfully.

Once the staging on the property was finished, and seeing the impeccable new listing ready for the market, our client asked for our recommendation of a good real estate agency in Barcelona.

Our recommendations always go to agencies that we know very well. They need to be agencies that, like us, believe in the power of well done marketing to sell a property and that apply what is needed in every listing.

Also, we value the fact that the agencies are very knowledgeable of the local market and also have a very strong sales team.

We thoroughly defend the idea that working with the best allies brings always the biggest profits for all.

In this apartment in Barcelona, the new valuation from the realtor brought a new selling price 15% above the original price before staging. This price increase on the value of the house covered the cost of the Home Staging service fully (and more), which demonstrates that staging is not a cost but a very profitable investment.

And that’s not all. Thanks to the Home Staging service, the home owner was able to negotiate the agency fees, and what’s more important, an offer was received and accepted just two weeks after releasing the new listing.

Home Staging, the best ally to sell a house successfully.

Welcome to Advanced Home Staging. Markham Stagers – Tel. 0034 – 611 415 417 – contact@markhamstagers.com

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“I had heard of home staging and its incredible results even though cardboard furniture in my house was an idea that did not convince me at all. Luckily I went with Markham Stagers and the result was simply spectacular.

They created a special decorative concept for my flat, using high quality design elements. Then came the photoshoot with their professional photographer. They do an excellent job!”

–Angela Castells – Client