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  • Antes home staging
  • Antes home staging
  • Antes home staging

Sell Your House Faster In The Costa Brava

This beautiful house in Begur is a great example of how our professional Home Staging team has transformed this property to attract certain types of buyers with interesting offers.

Presentation is a key factor to sell well a house. The look and feel of a property makes a huge impact on home buyers. That is why it’s so important to invest in styling and home staging to improve its image and get their attention from the start.

Not doing so can lead to a very long sale and cause big money loss in the journey. Price reductions are the wrong tactic to attract buyers to a home as they end up causing suspicious feelings and rejection on the buyer’s mind eventually. Not to mention big frustration for the seller.

Avoiding a catastrophic sale is possible by teaming up with professionals that will prepare a good strategy from the start.

Home Staging to Sell Properties

Home Staging is the most effective marketing tool in real estate. Taking care of the look and presentation of a property generates a more interesting listing that will attract home buyers to a property more efficiently.

It allows to market the property for the highest price possible and sell it much faster. Isn’t that what every seller –and agent– wants?

Properties that have been professionally prepared for the market by a home stager, nicely photographed afterwards and represented by modern real estate agents, have the most successful stories behind them.

At Markham Stagers we are specialized in home staging and styling for luxury properties in Barcelona, Girona and the Costa Brava. We team up with the finest real estate agencies providing home staging consultations and projects for their listings that make sales quicker and more profitable.

For more details, head to see our portfolio of projects here.

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