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A Special Casa Modernista

Coincidence or not, it seems that everything around this Modernista house gives us signs and good vibes. Markham Stagers visited this property for the first time in December 2019 and even then we saw that the house had something special.

Several circumstances in between, including a global pandemic (¡ö!), didn’t allow us to proceed with the staging to prepare it for the market, but finally, here it is: a real estate jewel, impeccably presented and ready to receive offers from buyers.

Living with Art Nouveau and More

This marvelous house was built in 1915 by the architect Ramon Maria Riudor i Capella. It is a listed property and is located in Tiana, a small but beautiful town just 10 minutes outside of Barcelona.

The property still has several original elements from the Art Nouveau era but in the 80s some interior renovation work was done.

With the passing of the years, the house had accumulated belongings from different eras and the interior décor had turned into a mix of styles that made the property difficult to sell. The house was shown as an old house rather than as a unique opportunity to acquire a living piece of art.

It was clear then that Home Staging was needed to address this major problem in order to present the property to the market at its best in order to attract home buyers. So, Markham Stagers goal was to neutralize the negative “rotten house” effect and transform it into home appeal by using the essence and elegance of Art Nouveau.

How to Prepare a Casa Modernista for a Sale

Preparing historic houses like this casa Modernista is sometimes complicated as there is always a very strong and recognizable aesthetic component involved to be protected.

Back in the early 20th Century, homeowners that commissioned these properties were asking for distinction and exclusivity to their architects. Nowadays, more than a hundred years later, when selling one of these properties these distinctive aspects are still very much considered and holds a lot of value for the sale.

At Markham Stagers we pay a lot of attention to what a house says when we visit it for the first time. Our creative team always has the power of communication that properties have on buyers in mind, so it’s important to know ‘the language’ well in order to be able to see the problems and address them correctly.


Art Nouveau evokes a time where talented architects and craftsmen worked hand-in-hand to create delicate and distinguished buildings to live in. The beauty of nature was integrated in the designs of wealthy family properties through motifs, shapes, forms and the use of materials.

For the staging of this casa Modernista we took the delicacy, elegance and feminine touch of the origins of the house as an inspiration to showcase a more pleasant style that was useful for the sale.

We used a palette of pale tones for the bedrooms, with whites, soft pinks and greens. To reinforce the original attributes of the house, we used accessories in an intense green as seen in the typical glazed ceramic or the green shutters of the windows, so characteristic of this movement.

We also removed furniture and belongings from other periods that were in bad condition or just made the spaces feel too old and heavy. These elements were replaced by more modern and elegant pieces to make the rooms feel lighter, brighter and more appealing for a new life.

The final result of the investment in Home Staging services is a property much more attractive for photos, videos and virtual tours. All this work is intended to make the property look its best so that buyers can put a good offer on the table in a shorter amount of time.

Who will be the new inhabitants of this unique gem? We hope to know very soon.

UPDATE: The house was sold in only 2 months after the staging.


Casa Modernista in Tiana represented exclusively by Lucas Fox.

Home Staging, furniture and styling by Markham Stagers.

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