Apartment in Barcelona Sold in 10 Days – Markham Stagers
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Apartment in Barcelona Sold in 10 Days

Home Staging and a carefully curated marketing strategy are the main ingredients of this successful project by Markham Stagers in Barcelona.

This apartment just off the famous Las Ramblas in central Barcelona, was bought by an investor with the clear intention of making profit in a very short period of time.

Renovating Properties in Barcelona to Sell

The goal of this renovation and Home Staging project was to create an impeccable listing that would be attractive to a certain type of home buyer.

With this buyer in our head, Markham Stagers chose the style and furniture for the apartment. Our team designed a concept that worked well with the renovation of the property and the lifestyle of the buyer.

Markham Stagers’ creative team planned a very strategic approach for this sale. Their team was also in charge of recommending a real estate agent in the city that would understand what had been designed specifically for a successful sale.

The Good Effects of Home Staging

Just during the first days of releasing the listing there were 2 offers from two different clients. Both profiles were from a very similar type as the one pictured by Markham Stagers.
In only 10 days the apartment was sold.

Prepare a property for the market BEFORE publishing any ad or schedule any showing is crucial nowadays. All this previous work has a reason: it works efficiently well to sell a property way faster and for the top price for the owner.

Furniture, decor, property styling and professional photography supplied by Markham Stagers.

Welcome to Advanced Home Staging.


“I bought this property for its good price and central location with the intention to reform it to make it more profitable. I put it in the hands of Markham Stagers who instantly knew the right approach with an extremely thought out strategy. I never could have done it alone as there were an infinite number of factors to consider to achieve my objective. I have no words to thank you for your fantastic work.”

–Ian, economist and property investor